Enhancing National Security Operations Using Geospatial Intelligence

The 8th year of our summit focuses on enhancing national security operations using geospatial intelligence. Our extensive research with more than 50 government authorities reflects a shift of focus in the market towards national security as the paramount concern

The 8th annual Geospatial Intelligence for National Security (GINS) APAC 2015 conference will unfold:

  • The latest operational case studies in enhancing national security on all environment and missions by leveraging GIS
  • Maximizing and re-calibrating current GEOINT systems for national security in combating maritime and border threats in APAC
  • Improving intra and inter agency Geospatial Data information and intelligence sharing on an international level
  • Best practices for disaster management and search rescue operations
  • Additionally, break the ice and network with leading experts on Geospatial Intelligence, Regional Navies, Coast Guards, Port authorities, Immigrations, Disaster Management Agencies, Mapping and Surveying Agencies, Ministries of Defense and so many more from countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Australia, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Cambodia.

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Key Theme: Enhancing National Security Operations Using Geospatial Intelligence

Sub themes:


Disaster management: Enabling geospatial intelligence for disaster risk reduction, preparedness, response and recovery and the role Geospatial plays in providing support to analysis, planning and response operations


Border and Maritime Security: Focusing the role of Geospatial Intelligence in border and maritime security operations and enhancing greater capability in ISR, mission planning and operations across the maritime and littoral environments


National Law Enforcement: Emphasizing Geospatial technology in national policing operations and international intelligence sharing using Geospatial Intelligence


Defense and Intelligence: The increasing role of Geospatial Intelligence as an integrating platform for all military and intelligence information (ISR, planning, situational awareness, and support to deployed forces

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Letter from our Keynote Speaker

Dear Colleague,

Learn how defense organizations around the world are improving their GEOINT systems at the 8th annual Geospatial Intelligence for National Security (GINS) APAC 2015 summit. This year we are expanding the scope of the event from defense to national security. The key areas of focus for this year include disaster management, border and maritime security, and defense and intelligence operations

Hear from:

  • Steve Pyatt, Head of GEOINT Policy, Plans and Partnerships
  • Alison Rose the Assistant Secretary GEOI NT Foundation and Support, Australian Geospatial Intelligence Organisation
  • Giuseppe Nobile, Head, Geospatial Section, NATO HQ Belgium
  • Kawata Yoshiaki, Director, Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution, Japan

And come to meet your peers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei, Thailand and Singapore.

Attend Geospatial Intelligence for National Security (GINS) APAC 2015 to:

  • Discover the latest operational case studies, strategies and solutions to enhance national security for:
  • Maritime and Border Security ~ Defence and Intelligence ~ Disaster Management
  • Meet senior decision makers in the National Security community from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Belgium, Japan and New Zealand
  • Gain insights on how key decisions are supported using Geospatial Intelligence to achieve maritime, border and national security

Nebuchadnezzar S.
Alejandrino Director IV,
Management Information
System Service Department of National Defense

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